Uau, the bridge between the last post and these lines is looong. I could go on and dig one or two amusing reasons for such hiatus, but I doubt these would amount to some sort of novelty to anyone. I mean, just take a look around: a pandemic halted our daily motions; people’s lives were thrown off rails; anxiety; fear; ignorance; everything on the loose and zero clues about what comes next. The world’s on fire and everything’s confusing and maddening!

From my ends, among other things, motivation’s been on a low for typing characters that make up words that make up whole ideas that, really, have been scarce. (Petty shit compared to the social tragedy unfolding before us.) Embracing and experimenting life outdoors is vital to draw mental images and stimulating thoughts, which in turn makes up the zest for drafting something the least bit interesting. But while navigating the same postcode since March, and following a grounded flight to visit home, I haven’t found any worthy activity in my creasy brain to share these days.

Anyway, it calls for some effort to produce… anything. Besides, I missed the written word. So I jotted down a couple of topics to drop here in the coming days with hopes of reviving this place – and my own dormant self.

For now, the final day of the most thrilling bodyboarding comp ever.